Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Yes, I am.   This is the first week of my part time status, and I am working three days.   I listened to the assignment schedule and the case load is very light.   I think a lot of people have taken the week off for their vacation.  My assignment is to do cataract extractions, but no matter what I have to do I will be done at 3 PM. 


Emily is studying for her Nursing Boards, she has amassed a lot of test questions and what goes into those question.   When I took the test it was divided into five sections.   OB, Pediatrics, Medical and Surgical, and Psychiatry.  If you did not pass one section you only had to repeat that section on the retake.  There were about 250 questions per section and the test took two days.    Now they have the NCLEX and I do not know how it works but the test is computerized and it stops when you either pass or fail the test.    The least amount of question a person can take is 75 and when you hit either mark the test shuts down.  Go figure.  The test costs $200 each time you take it.  


I suppose she will take it sometime in July and then on to finding a job…….   The jobs prospects are bleak, all I see are job postings for experienced RN’s only.    





Just some pics from vacation.

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