Sunday, July 4, 2010


Today I am irked and it isn’t  even noon.   I noticed this a few years back when I went to make my favorite Blueberry Muffins.    It was a recipe from Cooking Light and had an 8 ounce container of Vanilla Yogurt.    The yogurt comes in 6 ounce containers.   Now was that ounces in weight or volume???  I never figured that out. 

However I tried to make it measuring in a cup and it just did not taste the same.   The same thing was with the Prego Spaghetti sauce.    My sisters and sister in law will be aghast when they read that I use bottled sauce.    I liked it because when I come home from work all  I have to do is open the jar, add a few spices, heat and serve.   When I first discovered Prego the size was 32 ounces, since then the size has steadily decrease and now it is just a shadow of its former self.  I may have to join the ranks of my sisters and sisters in law and make the sauce myself. 

This morning we are making food to take to my sisters picnic, she is the one with the pool.   Not heated I might add.  I do have a coworker who heats her pool and it costs about $800 per season to do that.   We will all have to rough it and just suck it up and jump in the cold water.

On my menu was the  baked beans.   I get two cans of Bush’s Vegetarian Baked Beans, add the which consists of one pound of browned ground beef or one package of Boca soy crumbles.   I will not tell which it was until after the picnic.   Next is a dry package of Onion Soup Mix, one cup of Heinz Ketchup. 1/3 cup brown sugar, and 1/2 cup of water.   Mix and then it will heat in my crock pot till it is time to go.

Emily wanted to make a pasta said and it called for 16 ounces whole wheat shells.   Up bright and early to the super market and when she was ready to start the stupid box contained only 12 ounces.   I am really tired of this downsizing because it is a price increase.    I wonder if the powers that be at the Consumer Price Index calculators have indicated this in the inflation of rising cost’s?

Back to the shells, we used a box of penne instead and you make your pesto ( basil out of Claudia herb garden), sun dried tomatoes, peas and mix it together.   It sure smells good.

I will not resort to making my own pasta shells because I do not know how.   I suspect you would need a special machine and that would negate the cost of making the pasta.

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  1. We have noticed the same thing. If you notice the price is either higher or the same. It is just so like trying to cheat and we will never know it.