Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I really am not feeling like going back to work. When I was younger I liked going to work, now I feel like staying home. I thought I would have lot of time to do things, but perhaps, I am trying to cram things into too few days.

Or perhaps at approaching 64 I need to slow down and take it easy. I listened to all the hoopla about Social Security and how they will run out of money. Perhaps if the Social Security had not been raided since President Nixon we would have money in there.

Another thing that I have noticed are the unimaginable amount of young people on “disability” These people are younger and healthier than me and are collecting SS. How do they do that? When they casually mention the activities they do I believe that a lot of it is a scam….

Social Security was meant to supplement your pension yet in the public sector defined benefit pensions have gone the way of the dodo. Today I read that the only people who got pay raises are the people who are feeding at the taxpayer trough. The government workers total compensation has doubled since since 2001. And who is paying the bill, the people who can not afford it. My salary and benefits have not doubled.

The system is unsustainable and it will not last. How much longer can the average working person who not longer gets a pension and is expected to save their own in a 401k or 403b go on supporting the government pensions?

Why are the government employees are entitled to retire after 30 years and the rest of us can not until we are 65 plus. And why are the sucker in the private sector told that they should work till they are 70 years of age?

The problem is there are too few people contributing to the Social Security system not the people collecting their benefits that they have contributed to their whole working lives.

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  1. I agree completely to everything you just wrote. Things are tough around this house but we will survive, but it is not easy. We worked hard all of our lives and hoped we could relax and did pretty well until all the medical stuff started. Enjoy your retirement when it comes around.