Friday, August 13, 2010



I had started this topic a while back and then have not been following with the idea.  I decided to do it again, and try to keep it going.

The parking meter.  The meter took the nickels, dimes and quarters.    I put in a quarter, seemed like the thing to do.   The city is economically distressed and I could afford to give them the $0.25.

I am going to visit my friend next week, and if we go through any small towns in TN I will check their meters.    It is a respite from work and no husbands or kids.   Actually, the kids are all grown.   It is a girlfriend time out.

Chuck is a bit bored with retirement.   He said he needs something to do a few days a week.   I see employment in his future, one or two days a week says he.    Just enough to give him something to do and not interfere with the amount of his SS.

I check my Social Security statement.   A few years back the benefit was calculated on the five highest years of your salary.   NOW, it is calculated over thirty five years and they average the total.  My question is if I go part time and only work one or two days will that decrease the total amount of my benefit.   If it does, it would be better not to work and just collect the cash.    If I work for another three years, how much will it decrease?

I have to find the answer to that question.    I also like the way they changed the calculation.   I never heard about how the monthly benefit was changed, it just showed up one day.   I will have to look into that too.

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