Sunday, August 8, 2010



Including the cats, well I can only see two of them.   I know the other two are sleeping somewhere.

This morning the kid and I went to the Hannah’s Town Flea Market.    This event used to huge.   Today about half of the spots were empty  The weather was warm and sunny and it was a disappointment.   In the past times it would have taken me hours to peruse the vendors.  

I did make two purchases.  My plastic colanders have cracked I wanted to get replacements.   The first one I found was small and the second was really large,   it is so sturdy I think you could sit on it.   I guess they don’t make them like that any more.

I am off Monday and Tuesday, I am so excited I have not had a long weekend off for months.   Now it is possible because of my part time status. Tomorrow I want to drive to NEW CASTLE PA  This is where the Vital Records of PA are kept.    I have visions of getting death records of my ancestors, but know how this state is run I would not be surprised if they can’t find most of them.  

I decided if I go in person I will only pay for the results of their searching.   If I mailed a check they would keep the money.  Then tell me So Sorry can’t find them.

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  1. Enjoy your time off and be very careful moving those heavy persons. I would be the last to criticize your retiring. Glad you got the fine tuned message I sent when Joe retired. That was the biggest adjustments to make.