Saturday, August 7, 2010



I decided, after perusing the past entries, that my blog lacked color.  So now I have decided to remedy the situation.  I do not care if I have used the picture before, I will use it again if I choose.   That is how it is if they are your pictures and it is my blog.

Had to run into Monroeville today, we were on the downswing of cat foot.    I do not want to here the meows and caterwauling  if I ran out of the feline delight.   There is not really any thing such as that, at least none of which I am aware.

Then off to BARNES AND NOBLES to see what was new in the bookstore.  My final stop was to do a walk around the mall.   Two levels, it is part of my getting more exercise routine.    I did stop and check out Macys.   It is a bummer when you go and do not find anything to buy.

Tomorrow the kid an I are going to Hannas Town, they have a flea market the second Sunday of every month in the summer.    The weather should be nice and I will take the camera.    There is always something of interest there.  I usually find something I would like to buy.

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  1. A nice pop of color indeed. Nice to brighten things up a bit.