Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Each and every Wednesday we have an early morning education meeting. Today was substance abuse and the signs and symptoms. Denial is a huge factor in substance abuse. They deny they have a problem and that it can happen to them.

The recurrence rate is very high to people what have access to narcotics in their line of work. It said that they should have at least one year off before they return to work. And some will NEVER be able to work in an enviornment where they have access to the opioids.

Today I spent my day in the GI Lab. There is an inexhaustible supply of colons and stomachs to be explored. The prep is work than the procedure.

Tomorrow I am off and do not have anything on my agenda. I will decide what I want to do in the morning....

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  1. Oh my, I know to well about substance abuse. Not done by me but 2 of the people I love the most. One is sober and since I live with that man, it was the best ever.