Sunday, August 1, 2010


I just read an article that said the average laptops life expectancy is two to five years. WOW that is really planned obsolescence!!!! My HP computer was purchased in 2004, I remember that because it was the year my father had died. What a way to remember when you bought things.

I have had troubles with it, aside for the hard drive failure, most were operator error. But the solution to a lot of troubles can be remedied. You just have to know how. I have found most solutions are in the computer it self. These repairs are usually buried deep in the computers bowels, where people fear to tread.

I think the easiest is the Disc Clean, which gets rid of all the junk stored from heaven know where and how you got it. Then the Disk Defrag, which helps you sort out the files. I read an article i you have lot of music and pictures you should do this. I do these about once a month, and how I know it needs to be done, is the fact that the computer starts to slow down.

Any other trouble maker is downloads that just do not agree,and with an old computer there is a lot that doesn't agree. So, if after you download something and the computer is not working well I just go and delete that program. I am sad to see somethings go, but after a while I do not miss them.

Another important thing to have is an external hard drive. I have this in a few flash drive or memory sticks. I have one for photos and one for my genealogy information. I also have an external hard drive, but I wonder how many backups does a person need.

The hard drive on my old computer is very spartan, it was the only size that was found for a six year old computer. I guess I will have to delve into the bowels and see what is there.


  1. Yes I guess I am getting crotchety in my old age. I look to live to 100.

  2. I feel pretty crotchety at my age too.