Friday, September 3, 2010



I haven’t been writing much the past few weeks, guess nothing of note has happened.    I am tired of the hot weather and looking forward to the cooler temperatures of Autumn.  Tomorrow it is to be in the high 60’s.   My suspicions were correct, this has been a very, very, very, hot summer.   I suppose I have been too hot to work and just wanted to sit and think of what I needed to do.

With the arrival of the cooler weather I hope to get things done.    If a person has many boxes that they have not looked in for years, is it safe to assume that you do not need what ever is in there.   I think it is fairly safe to assume that if I do not know what is there I do not need it.

I think moving every few years is good for that, you get rid of stuff you do not need.    Save what I need, give away what can be reused by someone else and pitch the junk.

If I give things to the thrift store, I will let them decide exactly what is the definition of junk.   I was in Goodwill and I saw a lot of what I thought was junk and it was for sale.

How many people keep things because they may NEED it one day?   I suspect my boxes are teeming with things I may need one day.    I really can not remember much regret over things that are now gone.   I will have to think on that and write the answer if I come up with one.

First thing to do is to go to the Liquor store and get many of those boxes that they place in the front of the store.   They seem to hold 12 bottles of what ever spirits come in them.   They are not too big and when filled the box and the contents are easy to life. 

I want to start on books,   this is going to  be difficult for me to do because I am anal retentive about books.   I have two choices here, taken them to Half Price books or donate them to the library for their book sale.   Which will have the better outcome,   right now I am thinking about donating them because the library uses the proceeds to buy more books and then I can borrow them.  

Half Price Books gives a pittance but I do get some good buys there.  It is a dilemma, but so far the library is on top.

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