Sunday, September 5, 2010


It got downright chilly last night.   I love it when it get chilly and I have to reach down to pull up the bedspread.    It is to be 82 tomorrow and 88 on Tuesday and the rest of the ten days will be in the 70’s.  Guess the hot weather was waiting for the month to change.

This morning we left and waved good bye to Chuck.   A excursion to the PITTSBURGH STRIP DISTRICT  It has nothing to do with disrobing.   It is a shopping district and a lot of quirky shops liee both sides of Penn Avenue.   This weekend the Pittsburgh Market opened  and we went to take a look.   It has a lot of potential because we need a market like that in town.  I like this type of city market, like the READING TERMINAL MARKET  in Philadelphia and the WEST SIDE MARKET in Cleveland.    Hopefully in a short time ours will be equal to those two.

Our first feat was to find a place to park.   Parking is abysmal, and I found a pay lot and pulled in right away   There is parking on the street but that would require finding a spot, navigating the parallel parking and listening to the other drives beep because I was taking an inordinate amount of time parallel parking.

There are a number of restaurants and at the first place we stopped, I think it was Randolph's, we found there was an hour wait.   MY stomach would have digested itself by them.   So, we went westward on Penn Avenue and most of the establishment were just as crowded.   I decided to check out the new market place and indeed there was a woman making Mediterranean food.  The selection was limited to three options of wraps, chicken, falafel, and vegetarian grape leaves (what is that??)  Emily picked falafel and I chose chicken.    There was a selection of condiments as well as vegetables to put on the wraps; they were quite good.

With out stomachs filled we were able to go walking about.   There are three Asian markets and Emily wanted some Chinese Hot Sauce.   We called it the Chicken Hot Sauce because of the chicken on the bottle.    I told the clerk it was “Number One Hot Sauce”

There are also spice stores, kitchen ware, bakeries, clothing and the quintessential Steelers paraphernalia, of which I do not buy because it is designed to make me poor and the already rich Steeler Organization richer.

We stopped for a coffee and then went back our car and on to find the Double Tree Hotel.  Pictures to be posted when I get back home.

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