Tuesday, September 7, 2010


My first word of advice is not to take a camera when you can not see the buttons to change settings.  In a large venue, where it is dark and you are sitting out of the flash range you need to turn the flash off and put on the Infinity setting.   The people who got the best photos were people who were taking pics with their phone cameras.   I guess they had better resolution and it was built in. 

Emily took some but has not downloaded them yet.  

First it was amazing the outfits that some people constructed.  Woman with pop can in their hair, ripped fish net stockings, yellow crime scene tape,  and all out glam.   The gates opened at 7 PM and the line was down the block, around the corned, down the hill and down another block.    Since the weather was warm and sunny we decided just to sit down on a concrete wall and watch the passers by.    To my surprise I saw to people I knew.  

The line went quickly and we got up, walked across the street and found our seats.  The Consol Energy Center is a great building.   There are not post or columns to ruin the view.   The opening act was SEMI PRECIOUS WEAPONS OF WHICH I THOUGHT SUCKED BIG TIME.    I do not consider my self on old fuddy duddy, but I got time of hearing MF every other word, including the music.  And the lead singer took of his tights and put on a new pair while he was lying down on stage,  all I can really saw after seeing his bare butt it IT WAS NO BIG DEAL…..

Lady GaGa concert was a visual extravaganza.   I really enjoyed her show.  HPIM2144

HPIM2150 HPIM2146


This is the only decent picture,  I found the buttons in the dark just by happenstance.


The Consol Energy Center as seen from the hotel room.

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