Sunday, September 5, 2010


Emily was perusing my blog, guess she did not look there for awhile, and she said I forgot to mention that she has passes her Nursing boards and is officially a Licensed Registered Nurse.  Now if only she can find a job.   They need nurses but are advertising for "experienced"   Guess all that patient care she has given the past two years accounts for nothing.

She is working toward her BSN and is taking statistics this semester.   Guess I am glad I have not retired yet and can help her with the tuition.

She got a letter from Penn State stating she now has forty credits and it is time to choose a major, I told her to go and talk to the RN to BSN adviser at the University branch and get herself enrolled.

Now she will say she hates that picture.   Emily at graduation.


  1. She did say she hated the picture.....

  2. Congratulations on your accomplishment. I have had some of the best nurses ever but my worst was when I was probably about 8 and had a compound fracture that a specialist had to do. I was a shy farm kid that was absolutely scared to death and the night nurse was a mean nurse. At that time I could not swallow any pill so usually a nurse would crush it in a teaspoon of water. This one made fun of me till I was in rears.

  3. Congratulations to your daughter Claudia. My daughter just graduated as a teacher and she too has been unable to find work. She has started to go round to 60 schools in her area to leave her card for when they need supply teachers.
    It is such a shame for new graduates not to find a work placement.
    Good luck to your daughter and tell her she looks great in her photo!
    Jeanie xx

  4. Jeanie, it is the same for teachers here. If you have a relative on the school board or another one a teacher in the district you can find a job.