Tuesday, September 21, 2010


So far the first day of Autumn is a hot summer day.   It was up to 86F and tomorrow thru Friday it is too be in the high 80's, which is about 15 degrees higher than normal.    Too damned hot.  

Funny I looked at the high on Saturday and it is 65F.  

Emily is busy filling out applications for jobs.   She has now extended into Ohio and she has applied in WV too.   She is also working on her BSN.   She had taken 40 credits at Penn State and they have a RN to BSN program, she will be applying for that.   It will also have a management certification.  

I had off for six days and did not get much accomplished.   I need to rev up my activity to get things done.    I still want to clean out and give away.   I think I am waiting to see where Emily moves and can give her a lot of things to help set up her housekeeping.    

I guess that is all for now, have to make a dish to take in to work for luncheon tomorrow.


  1. Good thinking about hanging on to things until Emily's possible future move. (Although I hope she stays nearer to home.)
    Maybe you needed to just take things easy this break from work? There is a reason for everything and time will reveal all.
    Well...that's my philosophy anyway.
    Take care and good luck to Emily.
    Jeanie x

  2. I hope Emily finds her way to what she wants. She is persistent so I am sure she will.