Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday, Monday

The demons have attacked my computer again.  Something is going on, I have been coming up with an Error message, Error 503...what ever in the hell that is.  I has not been connecting for the past few days....I started to write a post and it disappeared and the error message appeared.

There has not been too much to post.  Chuck has started back to work, one day a week..   I knew that was coming when he told me, after a week and a half off, that he was day a week is all he can work while collecting Social Security.    

Emily is still applying and getting nowhere with the job situation......We all wish she would find something.   Right now she is taking a Statistics class on her way to a Nursing Degree.   The price of colleges here is out of site.   I have no idea on  how to solve this problem....

Tomorrow I am working in the GI Lab....This is usually an uneventful day.   People have done their prep work and everything is usually smooth sailing, and I hope so it is tomorrow.

Last week it was in the high 80 and almost 90 and the forecast for this weekend, eight days later, is for highs to be in the 50's, go figure....The weather this year has been really unpredictable.

I guess that is all for now, I thought I would type a bit to let everyone know I was still alive and well, just busy.


  1. Tell your daughter to try Grant money....the malechild has gone to college the last two years with nothing out of pocket....uses the grant money.....!!
    Good Lock...and Enjoy

  2. Claudia, thank you for your advice telling me about the funds. I know one hospital does because I had a nephew that died of alcoholism and since I was made the one responsible when he went into the hospital and thank goodness they covered all of it. He had no liver left when he died but the doctors kept offering him false hopes. I finally told him he was going to die no matter what any one did, and allowed them to pull the iv and he died the next morning. It has been warm here to.