Tuesday, October 12, 2010



Last Friday the kid and I took a road trip to upstate Northeastern PA.  She had a job interview and I went along for company.

She was really impressed by the job and hospital   It is a large facility in the middle of nowhere PA.    The job sounds like a super great opportunity for her.

She was going to go back for a job shadowing today and stay overnight.    BUT, there are no hotel rooms to be had.   When I made to reservations for last Friday I did note that the hotel rates were expensive, but when I called for today and tomorrow there were no rooms to be had.

I called a few hotels,   and then asked the reservation desk, what is going on up there that all the rooms are booked?    Its the oil and gas people who are working to get the gas from the MARCELLUS SHALE workers.  We have been hearing about the drilling, which is a relatively operation.   

If the kid took the job she would have to move there, since it is about a 5 1/2 hour drive from home in Western PA.    We had been searching for apartments or houses to rent but there seems  to be a lack of them too.  Now that explains to me why there is a scarcity of housing.

That presents a potential problem for finding a place to live.  The job shadowing will need to be scheduled when a hotel room is available.  If it is not one problem, it is another.

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  1. You should be so proud of her and I know you are. Congrats to Emily.