Friday, October 15, 2010



Since my last posting the kid has had two more interviews.  One had a telephone interview at a hospital which is about a two and a half hours drive from where we live.    She talked to the nurse recruiter and it lasted about fifteen minutes.   She did not really like the phone interview, you can not see someone who is asking the questions,  she found it a difficult thing to read.  The recruiter said that she would pass the resume along to the departments who were looking to hire.

Today she had another interview in the Pittsburgh area.   This hospital is  booming.  They are hiring more people in their system.  They always have most of their beds filled.  

She felt that the interview went well and she had done clinical on this floor.   At the time she said that she liked that clinical rotation.

On next Tuesday she drives to the hospital which is five and a half hours away, but she was excited about the job.   She is going to spend the day there as a shadowing, to see how the place operates.  I think she will get an offer from one of these interviews.

It seems that the hospitals in western  PA are starting to hire.   Which is a good thing.  For them, patient care and the kid.  I guess my the end of next week, hopefully, she will have a job offer.  And off my payroll……….

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