Friday, October 1, 2010



In August of 2009 our previous hot water tank started to leak.   This tank had been purchased at Sears five years earlier, the 2004 tank had been a replacement for another Sears model that sprang a leak after twenty years.

Earlier this week I noticed that water was leaking from the one year old tank, Chuck and I were trying to figure out how old it was.    Seemed like yesterday we had a show and tell on hot water tank instillation (proctored by Chuck)

Fortunately,  we save receipts and we dug it out.   That damned tank was a only a year and a month and a half old.  But, it has a six year warranty, and labor for instillation is only good for one year.    Guess they knew about how they leak????

I remember going to the store and the sales person show us the cut away interior of this damn tank, it was blue, pretty showy if I say so myself.   So it appear that the tank was all show.   

Chuck called customer service and a technician has to “come out to determine if it is leaking”   My cat could see it was leaking.   “Will he bring a new tank?” asked Chuck.  “No, you have to schedule an appointment to have one delivered.”  GRRRRRRRRR.   

The technician did arrive, earlier than the scheduled time, which was a wonder in itself.    He was very nice and professional.   “Yes, it is leaking and you will need a new a new tank.”  The tech guy thought it was the hot water pressure relief valve.  Which buy the way was leaking one day after the initial installation and had to be replaced then.   We should have know at that point in time.

Henry the cat already knew that , as he sniffed the wet floor near his litter box.     He knew something wasn’t right.

Next  came the call that all we had to do was pick up the tank at the local Sears store and we were given a code for it procurement.    “Can someone deliver it?”   

“It will take a week and a half to schedule that”   WHAT, I told Chuck I could walk to Philadelphia in that time, maybe not but it is a long time to get a delivery”  Almost unbelievable to me.  Since the water tank will not fit in a sedan, we have to rent a U Haul to go and get it.  

And we will lose 40 gallons of water.   I think I will turn off the water inlet and have everyone take a shower before we carry out the old one.  

I am going to find out where that tank is made.   I personally think it is somewhere that people do not have water tanks and possibly bath at a well.

As the technician left I told him I was going to blog about this and add tags.  He chuckled, I do not think he believed me.


  1. We stopped dealing with Sears a long time ago. It was exactly as you said with us. Their products USED to be good but anymore their service and products are not worth the hassle. We have a service agreement with the gas co, and they will work on most of our things. We pay a monthly price for this but it has paid for itself many times over.

  2. We were very fortunate with our gas boiler, here in England,as the day it went, it was fortunately still inside its warranty. Just! It ran out the folowing day. We had only had our new condenser boiler in for a year. Nothing seems made to last these days. I suppose it keeps folks in work but in your case it will cost a fortune. Again! It doesn't seem fair.
    I hope you get everything sorted out to your satisfaction eventually.
    Jeanie x