Thursday, September 30, 2010


It is a cool, rainy day.   Seems the tropical storm that deluged Florida has come north.   We are on the far western edge and the rain is light and gentle.   It is also coolish.    It started sometime in the night with the soft gentle drops I could hear on the skylight.

Everyone is out of the house today and I decided to get a few things done.  When it is hot I feel like doing nothing, sort of like the prides of lions on the African Savanna.  

So far I have tucked away the summer bed spread and have taken out the heavier, winter weight linens.    I decided to take a break and stop and post a note. 

This morning I found Emilys test on the refrigerator (like in grade school) She got 100%, it is a statistics class, which I have never taken.   I did take one on testing and measurements, but I think I have repressed what I studied.

I am writing this on Blogger and the curser  seems to disappear.   I do not know if that is spelled correctly because curser (does that mean someone who swears?)  is not in the on line dictionary suggestions, maybe is courser, no that doesn't look right either.

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  1. We have had cool days while you were having hot ones. I think it is supposed to be 77 today and that is not bad for Ne. Thanks for the input when I say what the doctor says. Congrats to Emily