Monday, October 18, 2010


is my birthday.   Actually, it is my sisters birthday too, I am 13 years older than she.    I will be 64...I am old enough to retire and collect Social Security.  It is a nice feeling if you decide one day just to retire.   I have worked since 1965, when my first job was with Woolworth's, and I made snow cones for one summer. 

I sit and wonder where the years went......My mother had a neighbor lady,  who told her, she wondered where the years went, because she looked in the mirror and wondered who that old lady was.   She was in her 90's at that time.   I wonder where it all went too.

I look back and realized  we grew up poor and did not know it.   I decided early in my life that one of my goals was that I did not want to be poor.    I borrowed money to go to school and I achieved my goal.   I have everything I need and never aspired to have a huge house like a lot of others.   I suppose it was best because I am not in debt.   Neither are my siblings either,  we all lived with in our means and did not spend like drunken sailors.   No offense to the Navy.

Should I write my memoirs,  and what exactly would I write about?  Guess I have to think on that for awhile. 

I would like to have a birthday cake of my own.   Almond batter with butter creme icing and yellow and pink flowers.

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