Sunday, October 17, 2010


This Tuesday the kid is going for a job shadowing.  To the hospital in North East PA.  She will leave early Tuesday and spend Wednesday in the OR and back home on Thursday.    She is also to see about rentals and the cost.   The drawback is it is in the middle of no where land PA, and far north to boot.
The forecast calls for showers Tuesday morning and then to clear up, I told her to take her window scraper because there will probably be frost in the AM.
I am back to work tomorrow, and my assignment is GI Lab.   That has its good and bad points.   The good point is it is low stress, relatively speaking.   The bad part is that there will be all kinds of “Add ons”  from the weekend.   These are cases that are scheduled after the schedule is finalized on Friday.  At most places that does not mean a thing.
This morning has cool and it warmed up quite nicely.   I turned off the furnace and opened a window or two.    I work three days this week and have nothing planned.  
There is the Fall Flower Show and I could spend some time at the Library.   Or on the other hand I could do nothing.   I have to decide Tuesday morning.
Not much going on, guess that is all for now.

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  1. Your girl is all grown up and ready to fly. You must be so proud.