Saturday, November 6, 2010



I am thinking that this old computer (purchased in 2004) has a limited life.   For the past month or so it has been powering down.  In the respect that it will go from the AC power to battery power.  I had initially thought that it was the power cord.   I went to a MAJOR electronic shop and to replace the cord was $80, I could not spend that on the cord.    Then after an on line search I found one for $20.     It was not the cord,   I think the problem is in the innards of the cord hole.

I am glad I have purchased a external hard drive and have backed up my stuff.    I think that at some point in time I will not be able to charge the battery and I can not connect to the power by said cord.

Today the kid and I went to my place of employment and got some boxes.   These are boxes that the surgical set ups come in and then the boxes are discarded.    They must have been really busy because on a Saturday we got eight of them.  

She has gone through  about half of her clothes and made a pitch, thrift shop and keep piles.   She wants to wash the clothes and packed them in the boxes.  We have a more  piles of clothes to go through.

Next is the house wares that I have duplicate of, mostly from the two families when our parents passed away.   I also have extra sheets and towels and who knows what is in the boxes from Emilys college days.

We have a lot of work to do.

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