Monday, November 8, 2010


This week we are going on a trip to find housing for the kid.   It is strange but due to the Marcellus Shale Drilling people, housing is proving difficult to find.   There are just no apartments to be had.   This may serve the local economy well, but what will it do after the drilling is done.

If you call the realtors who handle apartment or house rentals they do not have anything.   It seems when the apartments become available the disappear with the speed of light.  We have a few ideas  and we will go and see what is to be done.

I see this as a problem for the local Medical Center/Trauma Center.  How will they attract medical personal if there is no housing.    In talking to a person who had apartment rentals in NY, he doesn’t have anything either.    The other problem is that this demand will escalate the prices  of the housing in the area.    It is going to be difficult.   The salaries of the nurses will not keep up with the demand of the drillers.  

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