Saturday, November 20, 2010


The housing has been settled.   It you live in small town Pennsylvania you can find housing that is reasonably priced.  And, that is exactly what happened.   The house we found was built in 1910.   It is a frame house with cedar shakes which are painted a medium gray.   There is work to be done but it is mostly cosmetic.

The house has been updated and looks great.   The best thing about it is it is within walking distance of the hospital where the kid will be working.  The closing is in a few weeks and she will settled in before she has to start. We will be watching the weather forecast on the week of the move.

The greatest thing  about it was that the couple had purchased another house and we were able to include some of the furniture in the deal.   While we are thinking I am glad we did not have to buy and move the furniture (bedroom, dining table, and living room)  they are probably thinking I am glad I did not have to find somewhere to put that furniture that was in the house.

We will get the smallest U Haul and take her things.   There is a drop off place up in the town and we can unload and drop it there.    Yesterday were going thru things that the kid had in her college apartment, and things that were from my parents and Chucks parents houses.  Things that were to good to throw away and I had been saving for Emily when she started out on her own.   How neat is to have a set of china that was your Great Grandmothers?

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  1. I hope you continue to have good weather or did you? I think I am back to stay. Glad you got her settled in, the kid as you cal;l her.