Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Anyhow, we have all lost count.   Yesterday was spent looking at apartments in NY.  That was an eye opener for the kid.   The rates of rents to do reflect the condition of the apartments. 

Then this morning they were to see two more houses.   I think the second is the one.   It is an old Victorian, built in 1900 and has been updated, but is in move condition.   It have been on the market since the spring and the owners live locally, so I am thinking that they have two mortgages to pay.

Both the husband and the kid liked this one.   It is within walking distance of the hospital and that alone should save on car insurance since you are not driving the car everyday to work.  

I bought her the first house gift.    A NEW SNOW SHOVEL, because in upstate PA, in the snow belt, she will need it.  They made an offer and are waiting for the reply.   Chuck LOVES to bargain I am sure he will get a good deal.  

Her first day at work is in December, so we have to get moving on rounding up this deal.


  1. I read back several entries so I am up to speed, I thought as first you were moving. I bet it is difficult with the drillers all around and as you say what happens when they leave. I hope the house comes through for you. LOL, I like the snow shovel! Let's not think about snow...ok? ;) Take good care & good luck!

  2. I am so happy for your daughter. We already had a first dusting of snow and more is forecast.