Wednesday, December 29, 2010



I worked Monday and Tuesday, we were semi busy.  I think it was the Holiday lull.   I am on back up call on Friday, New Years Eve, and since there is no formal schedule I have a feeling that I will be working.  If the back up person is in we are working too hard.

I wonder what is on my agenda today.   I feel that I need to do something other than sit around.  Perhaps I will go to the PHIPPS CONSERVATORY and take pictures.   I usually go to the seasonal flower shows and I haven’t this year. 

Then I should go to the CARNEGIE LIBRARY to peruse their Genealogy Department and then lunch.  Or perhaps I will stay home and clean up.  

The weather man says it will warm up for a few days and that will be a welcome relief.    It has been cold since the beginning of  December and in Pittsburgh there is the WINTER CLASSIC HOCKEY game scheduled for Saturday.   The weather will be warm and rainy.  Wouldn’t you know…..There is a hotel that is close to Heinz Field and I heard that the rooms were going close to $450 per night.   I know the ticket are being resold in the thousands.   Guess a lot of people have more money than brains, because I would not go when it is on TV.  Actually, I will not watch it on TV either.

Guess this is it for now, I have to get up wash my hair and decide what to do.    Maybe I will make cookies, who knows?


  1. I think you are missing your family, but you will figure it out.

  2. I am missing them. Chuck comes home tomorrow and next week I will drive to visit Emily for a few days.
    Happy New Year Lucy.