Friday, December 24, 2010


I got the report on Sophie's surgery and the cat is officially neutered.   She had ear mites and the vet treated them too.   At the shelter Sophie was on some flea medication that is put on her food and, just in case, she gave a dose to be given to Jenny.  

I woke up early and stayed in bed till 6 AM.    The cats would come in and they decided they wanted their breakfast, so I had to leave my warm cocoon  to attend to their wants and needs.   But, only after I had my tea.   There is just a dusting of snow outside and the storm that has been plaguing the west and Midwest has goon south.   

I usually do not go out on Christmas Eve, but I needed a few things from the store, so at 8 AM there were a lot of shoppers  out in full force already.   When Emily had moved she had a stack of about 30 vinyl LP's that she no longer wanted.   It was really nothing much of interest, so, rather than throw them away I made a trek to Half Price Books and sold them for a grand total of $3.00.     It did not cover the gallon of gas it took to get there.   Guess it could be worse they did not charge me to take them off my hands.

They have a good selection of books but the prices that you are given are really paltry.   This is the second time I have felt this way and I said before I would go to the library to donate them for the book sale, but I was not going in that direction.   I am glad they are out of the house.

Talked to Chuck and Emily this morning and they were planning on having a house clean up today at Noon.   Guess they should be in the thick of things about right now.   For their dinner Emily bought another Tofurkey and Chuck bought a rotisserie baked chicken, as well as a work of art salad to share.  I am going to my sisters for dinner.    I thought about it and this is the first Christmas in almost forty two years that we are not celebrating together.  If I had off on Monday I would have drive the six hours to get there.   They would probably would have me cleaning too if I made the drive.

Chuck is getting the work done of the house and he says he will return the middle of next week.   Still work to do on the windows but they need to be ordered and installed when the weather is warmer.   The redundant wiring in the house was gone.  Some of it had been there since 1900.     In the Sayre house there are a few places that a metal pipe is going thru the floor and I did not know what is was and my brother said it was the gas line for when they used gas to light the house and also said he, the boiler was in the furnace and the houses had large grates that the hot air would heat the house by being uplifted through those large grates.  

The windows need to be covered with the plastic and two rooms painted.   Old houses are always a work in progress, so are the new one , actually.


  1. Neutered? During the Christmas season?? OUCH!!! Oh well, the cat will eventually forgive and forget....
    Have a great holiday!

  2. She was mad and afraid of my husband (he took her to that bad place) and clinging to my daughter, Emily. She will for get...