Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I have six days off and decided to drive up and see Emily.   The weather was cold outside, but just a few snow showers, just enough to make the car messy.    It is only messy on the bottom half.   The forecast is for snow or snow showers each day, so I won't waste my money to get it washed.     

Work is back to the insane busyness.   Everyone one wants what they want when they want it.   Somehow it doesn't apply to the nurses.   We just do what comes our way. 

Tonight I am making Portabello Mushroom Fajitas.   What I do is substitute the mushrooms for the meat and use a seasoning pack sold in the Mexican Food section of my local grocery store.   They are sooooo   good.     I use a Vidalia onion, green and red peppers and the mushrooms.   I slice then in thin slices and start with sauteing the onions then add the peppers and the mushrooms at last.    Then the seasoning pack and a small amount of water is added.    Served with warmed whole wheat tortillas.   I have to selections of side dishes, I have to ask the kid which ones she wants.   Refried beans or Spanish Rice.  

Tomorrow I want to go to the Sayre Library and see what history there is in the town.   I would like to see if there are any pictures of our house and find where, if any, place I could find the original specs and configuration of the plans of our house.   It would give an idea on something we could do.

Chuck had installed the plastic wrap over the windows and it is a great deal warmer than the last time I was up here.   They were quite drafty and now the breeze is absent.    My assignment is to measure the windows so he can call around and see what replacements would cost.   He wants to call some window manufacturing companies and get an idea as opposed to the local Lowes Store.

I also want to spackle the holes where the previous own had removed the book shelves, although you are suppose to leave  things that are attached.   So that leaves work for us to do.

  I have spackling from the time the sibs and I repaired and got my parents house ready for sale.
The kid is working 12 hours today and I am waiting for her to get home and watching Food TV.   I saw some things I would like to make.    Perhaps later.

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  1. I feel like I have been lost in outer space. but I like my blog and can complain and get things out of my system. so the heck with some of these programs