Sunday, January 9, 2011


I think we got a lot of work done this week.   If you break it up in little chunks it does not seem as daunting.  Two rooms were filled with boxes and we moved them in to the closets.    Both rooms need a bit of work and painting so we did not want to unpack until the work was done.   I would like to paint the closets white and see about installing those metal storage shelves and racks.   It would utilize empty space in the closets.   When I look at the shows on HGTV they are making master bathrooms as big as a bedroom and a walk in closet that is just as big.

Today was cleaning and washing clothes, rather mundane for a Sunday.   The boxes were collected by the recycle pick up.   It is some sort of odd times they pick up.  I know now one of the days is the first Friday.    Our other option would have been to pack all the boxes into two cars and take them over on Saturday.   Glad that is gone.

This evening we will go out to dinner.    I have been calling the restaurant to find the hours but no answer so far.  They either are closed on Sunday or open for dinner at a later hour.   They have no website.  That is unbelievable in this day and age.

Tomorrow the kid is back to work and I am going back home.

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