Saturday, January 22, 2011



I have become obsessed with the cold winter and thoughts of springtime.  It is colder than a witches heart.  It is 3F outside.  Chuck had to go to work this morning and I am off, but not really off.   I am on beeper call, I can not start any major projects.   I had in mind to clean the bathrooms, but decided to wait and see for this.   It is not really hard to put that off, I can do that without much regret.

I am also thinking about retirement.  I am thinking about it a lot.  I actually never thought I would still be working at the age of sixty four.  With the economy tanking in 2008-2009, mine and a multitude of others, the plans were changed.   But things look right for me to do that now.  

The daughter now has a job in this tight economy and she loves the job.   Things in PA are still not good in the big cities for health care workers, all the listing still require "Experience"    Every health care provider who hears that are scratching their heads, and so am I.   A lot of RN's in Emily's graduating class still do not have jobs, and a new class finished in June.   Along with many other Nursing Grads all over this country.

It is a ridiculous situation for this country.   The 403's are starting to make money and there will be a mass exodus of people in their 50's and 60's who will be leaving their careers and there will be very few to take their places.   And the grads who haven't secured a position will be hired and then a lot of people with out the experience who were passed over will now have the jobs.  


  1. You have been doing some deep thought thinking. I am so glad Emily likes her job and got one so quickly. I think the economy is a little better but it seems every thing has gone so high.

  2. Lucy, but the people on SS did not get a raise because the COLA did not go up. What kind of BS is that, they do not include food or energy costs. Those are the main items in everyones budget and they have been increasing by leaps and bounds. Perhaps they should substitute mink coats and vacation homes instead.