Tuesday, January 18, 2011


We had a bit of freezing rain last night and today the sun is out.   I got up and salted the steps, sidewalk and a portion of the driveway.   On Sunday I slipped on the ice and fell so I did not want to walk down the whole driveway.   I will go out later and salt the rest.    I am tired of winter, after the Holidays I am ready for Spring and since I fell I am really, really ready for spring.


The sky is bright blue and temperature about 30F.    I have off for a few days and wanted to go shopping and get out of the house since I am stir crazy (wonder where that expression came from?)  Going to work does not count as getting out in my books.


I only have two and a half months to go, if I am lucky,  it has snowed here in April.  




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