Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Henry, my red cat had  a broken tooth.  His vet found it and she touched it  inadvertently while examining him when he went in for his rabies vaccine.  Henry jumped, make a noise and snapped his mouth shut at hyper speed.   The vet got her fingers out of his mouth in the same hyper speed.  He needed to have the tooth removed.    The surgery was yesterday, and he had his teeth cleaned.   Do you know it is now advocated to brush your pets teeth????

Can you just just picture that?   The tooth paste  is  meat  flavored and although you can use an animal tooth brush or put the dentifrice on a gauze pad and gently clean their teeth.  I have not inquired on how you rinse out their mouth, because it is possible that you might perhaps drown the pet.   

His surgery was uneventful and he was pacing all night in spite of the fact he had a topical anesthetic apply by me.   This morning I had a liquid analgesic to give orally and he is now a brand new cat sitting peacefully on the top of the couch.   Poor thing was in pain all night.  The vet tech called and I told her about Henry and she is going to see if the vet can change his medicine and give him better relief for a few days.

Poor Henry, maybe I should look into this cat tooth brushing business......


Henry and the Tree 001

Henry and the Christmas Tree


  1. We had to have Spunky's tooth removed and it came out in pieces. Yes about 10 years ago our vet said we needed to brush our German Shepard and our Schnauzer's teeth. The shepard didn't mind it and the Schnauzer didn't but schnauzers have beards and I minded. I would not even begin to try a cat. Hope Henry is feeling better.

  2. Ah yes, I did brush my labs teeth. I actually used a human toothbrush for them. My Buddy just had his canine pulled and all teeth cleaned - they gave me the finger toothbrush to use. I don't know how you would do that for a cat though! I have dental rinse for the cats but most of it goes on the floor :(

    So glad Henry seems to be feeling better now, poor dear having so much pain. Hope he continues to get well.

  3. The vet gave me some large round chunky kibble to give the cats. They are about the size of small gum balls.

    They have to do a lot of biting to get them down to size. They all seem to like them.

    Molly goes in for the same procedure in a few weeks. No dry food until Henry's gums heal.

  4. Our vet said to use a liqud we would have to apply every day with Spunky. We did not get it because we have had enough experience so as to teach us any thing expensive will go to waste. At least with dogs yloi caN GIVE THEM GREENIES, BEEF FLAVORED chew thin sticks and this helps keep the plaque off.

  5. I want to thank you for your info you have replied with about Joes problem with the wire and the heart. They did an EKG and whoever did it had Joe push against his arm above Joes head, to the side with pressure. and then pressed hard over the unit and said he got a better reading. So he called Boston scientific where Joes machine was from and they said they still think it is a wire. They haven't called Joe so I think they are goimg to let him do the machine Monday and if it shows a loose wire then get him in.