Thursday, February 17, 2011



The sky is partially cloudy or partially sunny, and the temperature is 63F.     What is the difference between the two?  I got out of the house today, I had a lot of books to take and donate to the Library.   They could either use them or put them up for sale in the book sale.  The money from the book sale goes to buy new books. 


I also borrowed some books, Emily has a large backyard and I got some books on landscaping.   The lot is also flat and it has a lot of potential.   Right now there is a vegetable garden and some perennials.   I have to wait till April or May to see what exactly is there.  At the back is a raspberry patch.   You have to be really fast if you own a raspberry patch in order to beat the birds to the berries.


I have been off for three days and back to work tomorrow.   I enjoy being off and  I will enjoy  it more when I am retired and off.   I still have not counted the days I have to work left to go.   I worked with a woman that could calculate how long till she retired, this calculation was instantaneous.   She would give the years, months and days.   I thought it was humorous and also amazed that she could do that.  


Right now I have the my procrastination set to do every thing when I retire.   I have  things  to do and I keep saying I will wait till I retire.   I did manage to get the books to the library.    I want to go thru them and give some more.


Back to work tomorrow so I think I will just sit and peruse the Internet.

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  1. I think it is great that "the kid" as you call her is doing so well with her job and all. By the way what is the target date for your retirement?