Monday, March 7, 2011


I am trying to set up my Windows Live Writer and it will not let me do that.   It keeps asking for my password.  I do not remember the freaking password from four years ago and it does not give me the option for have it sent to me. 

I have tried the passwords that I have used in the past and none of them work.   This is beginning to get on my nerves.    I did manage to download Firefox because IE has a lot of issues and I prefer Firefox.   I need to figure out a solution to this problem.    I like live writer because I can easily insert pictures and hyperlinks.


  1. This may not help, but my live writer is powered by google and I have to put my google address or any form of google that you have to have a password to My address for the blog and everywhere else in Google is plus the password I use for all of my google pages. That is what I put in the box that asks for a correct address and password. I don't know if you are useing google or not but live writer gets me ion perfectly. If you have any account and have a password or forgot it, just click forgot password and it sends you a email and you can reset it. I like Chrome which is run by google also but it is a good fast browser. I don't know is this will help but it works for me.

  2. Attempting to set Windows Live Writer with what blogging service [Blogger, LiveJournal, TypePad, WordPress, Etc.]?

    If you're looking to add an account to Windows Live Writer, and you're having some issues getting logged in, check this out, see if it helps:


    Contact me if you have more issues… questions.

    Thank you,
    Larry Henry Jr.

  3. Hope you got live writer figured out. I really like it. Like you I like where you can slip a picture in once in a while.