Monday, March 7, 2011


Since I am retiring this spring I decided to get a new computer while I am still working.   The old one I purchased in either 2002 or 2004, I can not remember which year.    My old computer is an HP it has 564mb and 80 mb in the hard drive.   It is still working and I need to move things from it to the new one.  

I wonder how old the oldest functioning computer is?   I like the HP products, I have had a few problems with it but have been able to solve them.    My new computer is also an HP.   This one has 4 GB of Ram and 500 GB on the hard drive.   Things have really progressed in seven or nine years.....

The new one had Windows 7, how I like that is to be determined.

Chuck has gone to visit the daughter.  It snowed about 15 inches overnight.  He took pictures and sent them to my phone.   There is a way that I can move them to my email and then download, that has yet to be discovered how to do it.   They were calling for about 7 to 10 and they got much more.  

Interestingly someone has run a snow blower on the sidewalk up to the end of her house.  There are a few more houses to the end of the street, but the phantom snow blower ended at the end of her sidewalk.   I told Chuck that the person probably heard that she was a RN and ended at her house. News and information travels fast in a small town.

She walks on the sidewalks but this morning she had to walk in the street because of the amount of snow.   Her manager told her she knew she would make it to work.   It is hard to call off when you live one block away.The hospital canceled clinics and about seven RNs and some of the doctors could not make it in.

Now there is worry that the Susquehanna River will flood.  If it gets to her house, it is time to build an ark.

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