Saturday, March 12, 2011



Or get it set up to work.   I could not do it and now it is working.  I read the comments and for the life of me I don’t know how it happened.  

Magic, I think.   Not really but this time I went to the Live Writer Icon and it opened the page for set up and I proceeded.

Nothing new, people keep asking me how many days till my retirement and I tell them I have not counted.  And I have not, I do not want to start Xing off the days on a calendar, somehow it will seem longer.   I will just go day by day.  

People ask what I will do and I tell them I will sit on my butt and play computer solitaire.  I do not know if they will believe it or not. 

What will I dois anything I want to do.   I want to proceed with my genealogy.   I have a few historical societies and courthouses I want to visit and dig in their records.   Some of them close for the winter and will reopen the beginning of April.

I want to start my watercolor painting again and start to get rid of things in boxes and sort forty years of photographs and scan them too.   I had mentioned boxes before and when I get uninterrupted time I hope to start with Chucks help.    Three piles I will make, save, pitch or donate.   I think after that I will have to week the saved pile for a second time.   We have things in the attic and I do not remember what half of the stuff  that is up there.

Exploring other parts of Pennsylvania is also associated with my plans.   This will be facilitated with visit to Emily and the Historical Societies and Court Houses.   I will throw photography into the mixture too.

Perhaps I will volunteer but I know it will not be in health care.   I thought perhaps transcribing written records into genealogical data bases.   I have plenty of experience reading terrible handwriting.

Helping restore the house in North East PA is also a thing to do.   There are quite a few things that need to be done.  

So, not much longer…..

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  1. Glad you got live writer going. You really miss it when it is not there. Joe is set up to go in tomorrow to get his wire fixed. Then they called yesterday and said that last Wed, the ninth at 7:00 PM his heart was shocked because it was going to fast according to the machine that he uses every Mon., so I would say it is good that we are going in.