Wednesday, March 16, 2011



Or anything else as a matter of fact.   I seem to be in the doldrums still…  I think it is related to the cold, damp drizzly weather.   If it is 40F, windy and raining it seems to be colder.

Chuck is still up north at Emily's.  This week he ordered the windows we will have new thermal windows for the house.   They will be in about the third week in April.     The ones on the enclosed front porch patio will be repaired.   I found a blog where the writer took pictures and posted his repair of the windows, so we can see how to do it.    I would also like to see if there are any screens in the basement that will fit on the porch windows.  

If you want to sit on the porch you need to have some ventilation.  I can envision a glass of lemonade and sitting on rattan furniture in June.    Well, make that a wine cooler.

The shower stall was to be delivered yesterday and the guy called and said it will be today because they forgot about it.   Don’t you just loved the honesty.   No excuses, just I forgot.   That was sort of refreshing.    When we take out the old one Chuck anticipates some repair to be done under the tub.  

I do not think that there was a bathroom on the first floor when it was built in 1900.    I am wondering what was in that space at that time.    Kitchens were not showcases in the house.   It was a place that was relegated to the hired cooks.   I would love to see what the original plans of that house were.   In April the Historical Society reopens and I will go to pay them a visit to see if they have any information.


  1. Sorry to hear you've been down in the doldrums ~ we're having some lovely weather today and we certainly deserve it so I'm hoping your spirits lift a little. The porch sounds lovely and the wine cooler sounds wonderful!

  2. I bet that house seems pretty empty when no one is home but you for a few days. I bet you miss Emily also. I am so sore all over, trying to do any lifting that takes 2 hands to do it . They also said no arm over the head on the left side. so I have been picking up the slack and my 81 year old body is screaming today. Not sure if that is the real reason. In fact just driving and picking up a few groceries and prescriptions. Joe just always did it and since he really did not have a hobby, it got him moving. I will gladly hand it over to him.