Monday, March 28, 2011



why my last post was March 16?   I have not written said I.  Why have I not written?   I guess with the business of getting my paperwork ready to send to my employer for my retirement.   

I also have to apply for my Social Security and get that ball rolling too.  I guess I am just procrastinating.    As soon as I figure out why I will know.   I had a few loose ends hanging here and now it is resolved.

I had thought perhaps I might need an operation but my second opinion said no, just wait and see about my problem.   Just a yearly follow up MRI and if trouble presents itself it can be taken care of then.

I suppose I thought that if I needed surgery I should have it done before I went on retired.   I considered that I should be still employed and take sick time.   I will be forfeiting  about twenty days.   At our place if we don’t take them they are lost.    I would rather lose them that have an operation.

Tomorrow I will mail my retirement package papers and a few questions need to be answered and I will apply for the Social Security.   Not too much longer.   I have worked forty three years as a nurse and that is long enough.   I wish my mother had told me to be a teacher because I would have been retired ten years ago.

She really did not know that to tell me…..

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  1. I am glad someone understands what I am trying to say about Joe. Sometimes I handle it ok and then there are days he pulls me down. Sounds like you are making progress on your retirement. Good for you. I think you have earned it.