Thursday, April 14, 2011




Here is a picture of my cake.  The cake was delicious, it was a yellow batter with buttercream icing.   The food was outstanding and everyone stopped by to visit.  My coworkers wanted to know if I wanted to take it home, I told them my butt was big enough.  There was a lot of food left over and I know they will have it for lunch tomorrow.

I never have to set the alarm again unless I want to and if I am going to do something fun.  I was sort of down keyed and a lot of people did not know I was retiring.

One of the docs came and said he did not know I was retiring.   He had just injected my husbands shoulder on Tuesday.   He said your husband did not mention it.   I told him “He Doesn’t Know”  Chuck got a big laugh out of that.

When I got home there was a large bouquet of roses.  Lucy the cat ad already pulled out the baby breath.  Chuck and I are going out to dinner to night.  I will take a picture of the flowers when the battery is charged.   He and I met when we were both in school and I said we have come full circle, from school to retirement.

No plans for tomorrow but on Saturday I will be going to a Genealogy Conference.   Then who knows what we will do.


  1. Beautiful cake!! They sent you off in style, and you deserve it. Enjoy your retirment.You deserve it.

  2. Congratulations on your retirement! The cake is lovely and sounds delicious with the butter cream icing. I hope you enjoy the new chapter of your more alarms...woo!!!