Wednesday, April 20, 2011




This week I am at my daughters.  She is working and the carpenter has come to install the windows.   He says he allots one hour per window, five down and seven to go.  It will take two days and rain is in the forecast.   They look great and will have screens and the new windows will  keep out the cold and possibly the heat.

I spent the morning cleaning out the perennial garden, I can identify some things but not all.   At the back of the yard are two lilac shrubs and some raspberry bushes.  I have found Forsythia and two butterfly bushes.   Perhaps I will take photos of them. We have multiple spring bulbs with daffodils, crocuses, narcissist as well as something that I think are tulips and irises.    There are rose bushes over the trestle but that appears to be rotting and will probably survive the summer.   Out in the side garden I have found rhubarb and strawberry plants. My father always grew rhubarb and I do not like it. 

We are done with the demolition of the downstairs tub removal.   Next will come the relocation of the water lines and installation of the new tub and shower stall.  At the end of the workday the cats came to inspect the work.

The bathroom needs some storage units, new floor and to be painted.   Chuck decided we need to do one room at a time. Get it finished and move to the next instead of half done projects.



  1. The tulips are gorgeous, I was envious thinking they were your own private garden, LOL.

    Sounds like a lot of work is being done at your daughters place. I'm sure she's excited.

  2. It does look like spring with all of those tulips. Sounds like she will have a nice yard. on the ham in the crockpot I will start it in high just to get it warm then turn it to low and probably will cook most of the day on low. I have made stuffing in mine and it is a goof way to do it, it stays warm even if the rest of the dinner isn't ready. I do a lot of guessing but it usually comes out ok.

  3. I guess if I would narrow it down time wise depending on when you plan on eating it like noon or one., I would put it in heavy duty foil and start it on medium if you have one or low if you don't right before going to bed, if it is a big one. A half one you should be able to put it in as soon as you get up and it would be ok. I always put a little water just to cover the bottom of the pot. I just don't like to see a hot pot dry in the bottom and I think it kind of creates a little steam or moisture and even though ham is wrapped I think it keeps the ham from being dry.

  4. Spunky has not got a bashful bone in his body. He is getting pretty stiff after laying down for a while, but he gets up and gimps along about like I do and is game to go. I think since he was a stray, he could be older than what they said.