Friday, April 1, 2011



My youngest sister has now moved to the 21st century.  At the age of 52 she has learned to text message……..I guess her daughter refused to talk to her on the phone.    Welcome to the real word sister who’s name I will not type in here.

Even funnier,   my daughter and I went to Elmira to do a few errands.   They have quite of lot of stores that are not in Jack Ass Flats PA.   That is a pseudonym for where she lives.   Down here in PA we have a Mc Donalds and a Wall Mart that appears to be about 30 years  old.

I was waiting for the daughter to finish her business in the ladies room and I am waiting in the hall.   I get a text “Mom, my bathroom stall does not have any paper, could you please come in and get me some from the next stall?”    I have heard everything now,   if I had a Twitter Account I would have posted it, so I did the next best thing and wrote about it in my blog.   

Word of advice, check the roll before doing your duty.  In her defense it was one of those generic large rolls that are black and you can not see how much paper is left.


  1. At 81 I don't think I will learn to text. That has happened to me a few times in my life. I finally learned to take some extra kleenex just in case.

  2. You know how it is Claudia, The younguns must learn just as I did. Lucky for her Mom was there.

  3. LOL How did we ever survive before cell phones? Most of my relatives that are my age all have cell phones but they refuse to learn to text.