Tuesday, April 5, 2011



I left home on Thursday to spend a few days with the daughter.   I took a different route this time, at least from I 80 in Williamsport.   The route we had been taking is Route 220 and the ride is like a roller coaster.   The drive is not bad but it is all the trucks associated with the Marcellus shale drilling.

The cable guy suggested Route 14 which runs diagonally across Bradford County.   All was going well till past Troy and the police had the road blocked for some sort of reason.   Had to take a left and really was out in the boonies.   The road did not appear to have a route but I saw a sign for the town where the vet is located, so I knew it was the way to go.

After my trip alteration I saved twenty miles and a half hour driving time.   I will take the scheduled route back home.  I just never know how those old country roads will be in the winter.

Saturday we drove to ITHICA NEW YORK   The weather was very sunny but windy and that made it chilly.   Emily wanted to go to THE MOOSEWOOD RESTAURANT   It is a vegetarian restaurant and famous through out the country.    The food was excellent and I suspect we will be going again since the ride is only about a half hour.  

This time I used the GPS and it took us along another two lane highway and it was a scenic drive with plenty of barn along the way.   Ithica is home to ITHICA COLLEGE and CORNELL UNIVERSITY    Cornell sits atop the mountain and reminds me of a medieval stronghold because it is so huge.    I guess building way up at the summit gives it a bit of snob appeal.  We walked around the town and then returned home.

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