Friday, May 20, 2011


When I retired about a month ago I wanted a smooth transmission to COBRA.   Well, it didn't happen.   The people at HR of my former employer said that all I had to do was wait and I would be sent the information.   Yes, about three weeks after I left they did and I filled out the application and with the small check of $605.00/ per month I sent it on its way.

Today I decided that perhaps I should get my prescriptions reordered and the mail order company said that I no longer had benefits.   I explained that I was "transitioning to COBRA"  but they did not have the information.    I am not short on my medication, but I am eligible to get them refilled, which I cannot do.  What if I had some MAJOR problem or needed some emergency medication?  

This has not really followed my definition of smooth.....

The COBRA people said they got my information and my MONEY but it will take 7 to 10 days to process my information.....GRRRRRR

No wonder people do not have health insurance,  the cost is astronomical if  you have to pay your self.......

In October I can transition to Medicare, for however long that will be available.   I wonder how long it will last. 

Thomas Jefferson said  "A government big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take it all away."

Since I have been paying into Social Security and Medicare since 1965, I really do not consider it an "entitlement."  So if the powers that be consider it to be so, please remit the money I and my employers have put in for the last 46 years I will consider us even...


  1. Claudia, after looking at this, it could be me that wrote it. My sister-in-law tried to get COBRA until she could find another job after hers moved overseas. I am going to look into medicare when I can sign up in Nov. It will cost me but my cardiologist just about went into orbit when he found out I had Coventry . He said if I could ditch Coventry he would accept whatever medicare paid. I can't get out of Coventry until the first of the year. When Joe had the wire replaced he went to the Heart Hospital and Coventry paid all but 175.00. That was a different heart hospital than where I go.

  2. My COBRA payment would have been $1,400 a month so I rejoined the ranks of the uninsured. I set aside a certain amount each month and hope that I won't have a medical bill I can't pay in the future. I negotiate my payment with doctors before visits and literally shop around for medical care. In the end, even though I can afford early retirement, I may have to go back to work just for health insurance. With so many out of work that need jobs just to put food on the table it feels wrong for me to go back.

    I would gladly pay a reasonable amount for insurance but I feel $1,400 is unreasonable. It's interesting that in a different state you can get insurance for less than half the amount it would cost me. I could get insurance through a NY program for $1,300 which is not enough of a savings for me. When I change my residency to FL I may be able to get a high deductible policy that I can afford.