Friday, May 13, 2011



Imagine the dismay this morning where thousands of people warmed up their computer to check their blogs and there was nothing there.  It has become a routine for me to make a cup of tea, feed the cats, check my email and then read my blogs list.   

I think I was feeling withdrawal, I felt panicked that all would be lost.   I managed to survive, I went to the gym instead and spent time on the treadmill listing to my iPod and walking a brisk pace.   The woman next to me ran for the same amount of time.   Oh, the energy of youth.  

Today I am going out with my friends and I made a fruit salad.   I started with a fresh pineapple, oranges, strawberries, blueberries and the hardest, most sour kiwi I have ever tasted in my life.   I love kiwis, they are usually soft and the insides are velvety.   But not this time, I could have used it for a puck.  Only one kiwi, cut in small pieces and sprinkled with a bit of sugar, was used for this salad. It is always a surprise what the crew will bring.  No one brings the same thing. 

The weather is humid and warm, on the way to being hot, but I refuse to turn on the air conditioner  in the middle of May.  Maybe I should to see if the things works.   I did manage to find my electric fan and I feel fine with the air moving.

Nothing else new.  Tomorrow I will go to a genealogy meeting and perhaps a bit of research of my ancestors.


Flowers from the Phipps

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  1. Sounds like you made good use of the computer being without it's most important page. Oh well, stuff happens.