Wednesday, May 25, 2011



Next week the borough of Sayre is having a Spring Clean Up collection.   For a big item you pay $25 and you will be on the list and it will be hauled away.   When we bought the house there was a old, rusted and bottomless hot water tank in the basement.  

So we went to the borough building a paid the $25 for the service.  Yesterday Chuck and I rolled the old tank up the basement stairs and out to the front for its pickup.  Good thing he has a Shop Vac to gather us the rust crumbs on the basement stairs.

It was  gone within the hour, some person collecting metal stopped and took it.   I am out $25, I wish I had some other big item to put out in its place.  Note to self, put anything metal outside and someone will take it for free and I will not have to pay anymore.

People put our furniture, and it disappears as well.  I is truly amazing to see it go and be recycled. 

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  1. I could have supplied things for you to put out!!!!'Lots of things.