Friday, May 27, 2011



Last night was a thriller.   About seven to eight in the evening there was a constant rumble of thunder south of the house.   The sky was dark and the wind was blowing madly.

The kid and I were watching TV and all of a sudden we heard an awful noise of pouring rain.    Just a few minutes earlier I had gone upstairs to check the weather and there was no rain.    With the sound outside we both ran upstairs and it was indeed a deluge, including gum ball sized hail.   It was raining about as hard as I ever say it outside.

The power went out and after a few minutes it flickered back on.   In the morning Emily sent me a text that the big oak tree on the corner had been uprooted and fell on the house, it lifted the sidewalk.

The west end of my street was blocked off and I decided to take a little walk.   I met a lady a few doors west and her tree was uprooted too.   A lot of people were outside and pulling debris  of the storm out to the curb.    I decided to do the same with the fallen branches and limbs in my back yard.   There are two trees out there and I was glad none of them fell on my house.

On the evening new I heard that there was a F1 tornado in Milan, which is about five miles south of where I am.  Guess that explains the violent weather. 

All day I have been hearing chain saws and watching putting out limbs outside.    My street is still blocked off, guess we should go and see what is further up the street.

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  1. Have not been able to post a comment. Will see if it works now. Sounds like luck was with you in as much as the tree did not fall on the house.