Sunday, May 1, 2011



I have noticed that I haven’t posted in over a week.   Heavens knows what I have been doing.   We stayed at the kids till Tuesday and I still haven’t downloaded the pictures.   But, I did transfer some of what I had on the flash drives to the new computer.  A step in the right direction.  

I want to transfer my  Family Tree but do not seem to be able to do that with the transfer cable.   I guess I should read the directions, I sound like a guy there. 

I have decided to set up a monthly goal list.  I got the idea from people on my Genealogy Blog lists.   There are a lot of things I have never had time for and I hope to start them.  Like examining the boxes in the attic and I have no idea what is in them.   I guess I can give them to the thrift shop if I had not missed the contents by now. 

We did join the YMCA and I hope to go on a regular basis to work out.   Not strenuous mind you, but I hope to lose some weight and get in a better shape. 

Another goal is to sort and file my genealogy papers and sort them in files.   I hope to research more.   I seem to come upon things by happenstance. I will be searching and find things I have not been looking for at the time.   I also want to start my watercolor painting again, I enjoyed it when I was painting.   

I have not worked for two weeks and I am no longer waking up at 5 AM in fact I have been sleeping in till 6 AM  I hope I can stay asleep a little later than that.  The sun or daylight wakes me up. 

I want to get my herbs and few vegetables planted, I bought basil, rosemary, two tomatoes, lettuce and peppers.   I just have several pots on the deck, I suppose I should get a cage for the plants.  The chipmunks seem to think I am growing for them.  At least I have never seen any deer on my deck.  

Tomorrow I am going with Chuck to the dentist.  He needs to have a procedure and I said I would go along.   

Guess that is it for today, I am seriously considering turning in for the night.

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  1. I think you are enjoying your retirement the way it sounds. Kathy's mom brought her a tomato plant that was really neat. It was in a large pot and already was bushed out ad about 2 feet tall and it had an attractive cage already around it. All she has to do is water it and wait for it to grow and have tomato blossoms set on.