Saturday, April 23, 2011



I am glad we had the installer do the windows, Chuck and I would be about halfway done and today it is raining.   Really raining….I guess it is the April showers bring May flowers type of rain.  The forecast says it is to clear up.

Emily and I are going Antiquing in Corning NY, plus eat at the Indian Restaurant that I spoke of in an earlier post.  We will have to take umbrellas and a plastic bag to place it in when we go store to store. 

The tub is proving to be a pain in the butt.   The one we ordered turns out to be about three inches wider and Chuck needs to reroute the plumbing because the faucets will not be centered.   Next we have to rebuild the wall because it is also three inches short.   This also means more drywall, taping and working on the wall.  We want to have this trip tub operational on this trip.

   Still to be done is readjusting the crown molding.  The previous owner left 1/4 inch gaps between a lot of the pieces and we need to recut more wood and paint the ceiling and wall.    A ceramic floor is to be installed also.   We found a design that will look like the old bathrooms of years ago.  Little white tiles with a small insert of a black tile in the middle.    I found them at Lowes.

Chuck decided to do one room at a time and finish it rather than start several projects.   This bathroom in the major project.   Most of the rest consist for nailing the baseboards and painting.   Some of the rooms and trim are three shades of white, and gaps in the crown molding.   Will take pictures of the molding later today.

Tomorrow, Easter Sunday, we decided to go to the nearby Best Western for dinner.   They are offering a buffet and the menu sounds great, a little something for everyone.  Prime rib, ham, chicken, fish and Fettuccini  Alfredo (aka heart attack on a plate.)   There is a Sweet potatoes, green beans almandine, two soups and dessert.  Guess I won’t eat for a week after that.

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  1. Sounds like you are really making progress on the house. Won't you all be glad when it is done. Have a great Easter Sunday, buffet sound good.