Monday, May 9, 2011



Somehow, it always seems to do that.   My daughter was on call on Mothers Day.  She sent a nice gift of jams and preserves.  She knows I love jams on my morning English Muffin.

Chuck and I went out to eat at the local Grill.   Our regular restaurant was having a buffet, at the cost of $23.00.   To pay that price we would have had to be fasting all to get our moneys worth.  We had prime rib instead, it was juicy and tasty. I had a baked potato and mushrooms.

We are on a streak of nice weather. It is to be sunny, warm and no rain.   I do not know what to do.  Yesterday I planted some vegetables and herbs.   I have to carefully watch the tomatoes because the chip monk likes them as well.   I think he thinks I plant the stuff for him.

I have been retired for almost a month and not bored yet.   I have never wished I was at work while I have been at home……

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  1. Glad you are contented being retired. Nice gift from Emily. I like Jam better than jelly but don't like grape anything, except fresh grapes.