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I better get started on my blog.    I haven’t found any butt shots to print, so you are all off  the hook, for now…….

I am having ongoing computer network problems.   Last week (Wednesday) it started that we lost connectivity with THE NETWORK.

What drives me crazy is the fact some demon in the computer tells me to “contact the network administrator”  I am the freaking administrator, so who exactly am I suppose to contact.   I spoke to my B-I-L , who gave me some ideas.   The problem was with Chucks computer, it would not connect to the internet, no matter how hard I  tried.   I reinstalled the network and when through all sorts of gyrations to do that.   At b-i-l’s  suggestions Chuck purchased a device that looks like a flash drive and it connects via a mini router (??) which captures the signal and then delivers it via the UBS port.   Hot dog it’s a go.      A few hours after the installation of the remote modem he has no internet.

Next, I could not get on the internet either.    So a quick call to Comcast and it was determined that the router was not working……They would send me one, but that left me computer-less (GRRRRRRRR) for 5 to 7 business days.   A new router was about $30 dollars or so.   Off to Best Buy and it was purchased.   Back home and in an hours time I had it up and running.  TA DA  So earlier this week the new, handy dandy, combination router/modem with XFINITY on its face plate, it is black and shiny and impressive looking.  It came with innumerable cords, tacks and a cable splicing (??) unit. Plus other things that I have yet to identify.

Yesterday I decided to give the installation a whirl.   The directions were pretty clear but the first item listed in the instruction book was to connect to get the software to start the process to get it to work.   IT WOULD NOT CONNECT.. a quick call to tech support (LORD, I LOVE THEM, ENGLISH IS THEIR NATIVE LANGUAGE)   After a quick assessment of my situation Bill determined that the  Xfinity device had to be connected first.   I told Bill, it does not state that this should be connect first because in the book it tells me  to how to connect to get the download program.   It can not be downloaded till it is connected.

I had to replace two items into one and the easiest was it to take them apart and connect one by one into a similar receptacle…….mission accomplished.   This took me back to download of the program and just as Bill said the sucker worked.   Next on the agenda was to configure the software and choose and enter Network names and password and the security name and code.   The instructions were good and I managed to muddle along and get it done.   The final set, or so I thought, was to enter the security into the family computers….that was easy enough, and with my first test I could not connect.   Back to tech support, an online option was available and I was connected to Nicholas.   After an explanation and fifteen minutes doing who knows what he sent me a Google link and asked me to click,   yes I was connected to the WWW on all computers. 

First sign of trouble was the daughter called on my mobile and asked what was wrong with the house phone???????   No dial tone was the answer….but why?  Then Chuck announced we had no internet…………….sure enough we did not.     Back to Comcast and tech support…..this time a real person… that time we had no phone and no internet.   After about a half hour time it was determined that an in house Service Call was in order and MONDAY was the day.   “Is that time and day OK?”    Well, what other choice do I have.    In this third service consultation I found I could connect via the Ethernet cable to the black and shiny Xfinity box, but still no phone.

I am sure the gremlins were at work because this morning, while I was going to entertain myself with solitaire, the little icon indicated that the wireless was working.  Lo and Behold it was,  so  I decided to check Chucks computer and even it was on.    What the hell is going on?   Why would it not work yesterday and today it is working?  

Still no phone service and one of the computers I still can not get to connect.   Guess I have to wait till tomorrow and write part two of this post which has morphed into a saga……….

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