Saturday, July 2, 2011



Chuck sent a text message that he was leaving Emily's house at 08:30 this morning.  About forty five minutes later he called me and said he had a problem.   Initially fearing the worst I waited for the description of the  tragedy.   It seems about twenty miles from his departure (In Troy PA) his muffler on the car had come apart.    “Sounds like a Mack truck.” he said.   Where will he find a place to fix it he asked.    I told him I would check the next largest town (Williamsport PA) to see if I could find a Subaru dealer or some chain muffler business.     I did find a Subaru dealer but they were closed on Saturdays.   I found a Monroe Muffler shop in Williamsport. Chuck did not answer the phone,  cell phone service, in the wilds of PA between Williamsport to Troy, is random at best.  You really can’t “hear me now”   I sent him the link and phone number of the shop in Williamsport.  

About thirty minutes later he called back and said he was on the road again.    He had a repair and it would get him home but would still need a muffler.   “Where are you?”   Still in Troy he said.   He found a little tire shop and asked if there were muffler places nearby.   The owner said no but if he waited a bit he could take a look at it.   A young man showed up and put it up on the rack and said he could weld it and make a temporary fix.   In a few minutes time he said the repair was done, and it sounded like new.

A quick pay  up at the unbelievable cost of $20 he was on his way in blissful silence.    A new muffler is destined in the cars future.  He was really worried that he would not be able to find someone to change or repair it and, because of the holiday weekend, he would not have been able to get it changed/fixed till Tuesday morning at the latest.

My greetings to Troy PA and the honest people at the tire repair shop.

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  1. You just restored my faith that small town folks are usually the most helpful in many ways. Glad everything worked out for Chuck.